It was 18 years ago, when I wrote my masters degree work on Innovation. Innovation as a term was something brand new in our country and it was a huge risk to write on this subject, as there was only one book issued about Innovation, that was available in library. I took a risk and got my A level evaluation and exciting knowledge to adapt in my work experience.

Now Innovation is a usual term and used almost in all matters, when something new is presented. We have used to it and it does not scare us with uncertainty of its meaning.

But is everything new an Innovation and what is Innovation?

If we buy something new in market and bring it home and it makes easier for us to solve our everyday need, it may seem to be called as our home life process Innovation or the item may seem to be an Innovation itself.

Innovation is a result of creative work that is expressed in an item or process, that significantly improves, facilitates or modifies existing one in order to give the opportunity to achieve higher efficiency or to address so far not addressed need. The Innovation must be applicable in market through new or better processes or inventions.

There are many ways how to Innovate and there is no businesses where Innovation could not be applicable for new or more effective process or item generating.

The Innovation may be made and implemented in almost any process and cycle of the business. Innovations differ from effective improvements of existing concepts (new drinks, package and others) till radical perspectives of new inventions and processes or items that changes our view of the usual order of things (internet, robots, mobile phone and drones and others).

To start an Innovation process you have to realize, that Innovation is needed and the result will be worth the time spent in Innovation process. The result of Innovation process never is a “0”, it always takes you to higher efficiency or new products.

The Innovation process may be proceeded within the company by company’s employees or outsourced, but you should understand, that outsourced professionals will need to talk with your employees and understand the nuances of the business to provide you withe best results of the Innovation process. But its worth an effort as the result is higher efficiency of your business.

Our Creatiwe professionals have worked in different levels of Innovation and will be glad to help you to Innovate in your business.

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  1. I agree with you, Innovation refers to creating more effective processes, products, and ideas. For a business, it could mean implementing new ideas, improving services or creating dynamic products.

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