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Future members from different regions and with various competences are welcome to apply as Research participants. 

Apply Now and get benefits for your opinion and experience. 

You will be able to express your opinion on various issues, starting from a survey of your favorite ice cream flavor to economical and technological trends. 

Fill the Application form, receive an extended questionnaire and after approval, we will add you to the research participant list. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Participants participate in surveys commissioned by our clients, and the frequency of their surveys or sessions can range from two to ten times a month.

Yes, certainly! Before each research assignment, we will send you an invitation to agree on a session time, if scheduled online. If it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire, you will be able to do it at any time convenient for you, observing the deadline for submitting the result of the work. The invitation will include the possibility to send a refusal to participate in this study.

If you need to fill out the questionnaire, you will receive a link to it at the email address you provided.
For usability tests and other online work sessions, we will send you an invitation to participate and multiple time windows to book an appointment.

The information you provide is used only for the selection and segmentation of members within the company. Under no circumstances this information will be passed on or shown to third parties.
Within research the participant identifies only with a serial number, and the materials transferred outside the company do not contain any information that may allow the participant to be identified as a specific individual.

Only materials specially created for this purpose and approved by all participants are used for advertising or publicity purposes.

The amount of the fee for participation in the specific study is sent together with the invitation to participate in it or a link to the questionnaire. The fee specified in the invitation is in Euros and you will be able to claim it as soon as the savings reach or exceed EUR 10.
The project will only be awarded once the work has been duly completed and submitted in the manner specified by Creatiwe.
After the completion and submission of the work, the participant will receive information about the awarded remuneration and its accumulation by e-mail within one working day, as well as an invitation to fill in a pre-prepared payment request, if the accumulation reaches or exceeds 10, – EUR.
The remuneration for a simple questionnaire in writing starts from 2, – EUR per questionnaire.
For a working session starting from 10, – EUR per session. The length of the session is between 30 and 60 minutes and will be indicated in the project invitation.

Almost all projects are focused on your experience working with the website, program or other product under test. If you are asked to work with a program or website, you do not need to turn on the camera, you just need to share the screen on your phone or computer. In rare cases, you may need to turn on the camera, but this will be written in the invitation sent to you for a new session. You will need to turn on the sound in all sessions.

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About applying for participation in researches

After applying, to the e-mail address provided, you will receive an extended research participant experience questionnaire. Identity verification is required to avoid re-registering an account that does not belong to the author or does not exist. The registration will be completed only after completion of extended questionnaire. 

After receiving the confirmation, we will add you to the list of research participants. Depending on which types of Projects you have chosen to participate in, we will involve you in written surveys, remote video interviews or practical research test groups.

By applying for participation in researches you agree to the Creatiwe Privacy Policy and Terms. 

You can write Creatiwe at any time and ask for your profile to be deleted.

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You can choose from surveys, remote video surveys, or usability tests that monitor how a user is performing their tasks and record what could be improved in the usability of the product, software, or website.

There are various ways to combine these types of research.

We can tailor research to the client’s wishes and needs.


Video survey

Usability test

About cooperation opportunities

About Survey Application

After receiving the research application, Creatiwe will contact you to agree on the research methods, tasks, time, choice of participants and budget.

At the agreed time, you will receive research results, which will include a presentation of the research results with conclusions and suggestions, anonymous research data and session records.

Feel free to write or call us if you want to talk to us and formulate a research project together.

+371 26622352

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